Facility Rentals

Rent SEE for Your Event

The SEE Science Center is a great place to have your business, non-profit or private event of any size.  SEE can accommodate meetings, dinners, seminars, classes, and other special events that are in keeping with SEE’s mission.  SEE reserves the right to restrict usage based on type of event, schedule and/or amount of space needed for the event.

SEE Offers

  • Minimum two hour rentals
  • SEE meeting room(s)
  • Exhibit Floor (2 levels)
    (after hours)

SEE can provide

  • 8 foot, 6 foot or high-top tables
  • Chairs
  • Lectern & podium
  • WiFi
  • Use of Exhibits

Additional Add-on Opportunities

  • Exhibit demonstrations, programs, activities and/or private tours (cost based on type and number of participants).
  • Additional attendees (at SEE's regular admission price).
  • Additional meeting rooms. (at reduced rate)
  • Additional time (at hourly rate).

All rentals are comprised of a base fee which includes a space charge and staffing charge.  There is a minimum of one SEE staff person for events during SEE hours and a minimum of two SEE staff for after hour events.  Additional staffing needs will be determined on a case-by-case

Base Fee

  • Meeting room and 30 guests:
    Space Charge $150 per hour ($75 per-hour for non-profits), plus staffing fees of $35 per-hour, per staff person. 
  • Exhibit Floor and one room after hours and 50 guests:
    Space charge $350 per hour ($200 per hour for non-profits), plus staffing fees of $35 per-hour per staff person. 


  • Additional Fees may be charged for set-up and associated staffing, dependent on the complexity of the event. 
  • SEE has a list of recommended vendors to help with your event needs.


  • To schedule a site visit, or for further details about scheduling, deposits, caterers, insurance, costs and contract requirements, please contact Peter Gustafson.

Peter Gustafson
Deputy Director